There is something special about Oregon

and your home should reflect it.

This is a great state of granite and volcanic obsidian, of mighty redwoods and still pools, of pristine forests and wild spaces. It is almost inevitable that the wonder of nature is a popular theme in the homes and houses of Oregon.


As you journey through this site, take a moment to admire the work that people have done – some of them professionals, some amateurs, some contractors and some owners, but all of them people with a passion for home improvement and a burning desire to make their house so much more than a residence.

Not just a home, but an Oregon Home.


We have been working on compiling some of the greatest photographs of homes and interiors that we hope will serve as an inspiration to our visitors.

We have also compiled some useful resources, including links to contracting services and home improvement companies in this state, and we hope our visitors find these useful. There is nothing that can’t be accomplished with enough vision, time and the help of the right people.

Enjoy your visit! – Oregon Homes.